Now it’s my turn.

Report of these first few months of 2014.

I see the world growing up around me. Someone is buying a house, someone’s having children, someone’s getting married, someone is looking for a more “serious” job, someone is stopping to go to clubs every week end because it is better to have a nice quiet dinner with couples, someone is making plans for the future. What about me? I am packing. Why? Escape? Need for changes? Experimenting a challenge with myself? The classic “I am looking for myself” that never goes out of style? I don’t know. What I know is that this time, after a lot of dreaming, chatting and planning, I am doing it for real even if I am shitting my pants with fear, I know that it will be different from the previous trips, hard but challenging, I know that I will share everything with the person I love the most. Aside from that, I know nothing.

I leave, I am going to live in Berlin and (maybe, let’s see what happens) I am coming back home.


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