Görlitzer Bhf – Kreuzberg

“Just give up.”

Do I really have to give up? Is this a sign? I don’t know.

Maybe I should, maybe not. All that I can say is that it feels so frustrating to struggle to have a damn piece of paper that will allow me to stay and work here… after more than two months here I just want to say proudly “I did it”, but every time I think I have reached my goal, it turns out that I still haven’t. And I am just tired of it. Moreover, I have this horrible feeling that we are falling apart.

Why do I need a damn piece of paper to stay here? Why do we fight? Why can’t we just enjoy what we have and be pleased for what we have done so far? Why can’t we just be those happy human beings that spend their spare time by the river while drinking a beer, instead of hurting ourselves constantly? Why are there some lazy persons that can just avoid to go to work because they just don’t feel like doing anything but things are somehow always fine for them?

Fuck, my head is exploding. But I just can’t give up. NOT NOW.


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