Autumn is coming and, with it, the classic after-summer melancholy. I have been feeling strange in these past few days, and surprisingly I want to write about it, and more surprisingly, I am doing it in english, unlikely every other time that I just “stream-of-consciousness” here on my blog.
I have been feeling strange, liberated but somehow with a huge weight on my chest. I have been starting to declutter and to finally commit to minimalism. I am getting rid of everything that doesn’t make me happy or doesn’t serve a purpose, and so far it has been great. But somehow this journey is turning into a more soul-searching journey than I thought. It is not only about getting rid of things, but more importantly minimalism is about focusing on what really matters and becoming more conscious about things.
I have been documenting myself more, because I want to create good content for my brand new YouTube channel. But I shouldn’t be doing this only for this reason, I should do this and want to do this above all for myself. I have watched the documentary “The true cost”, which totally shocked me. It’s not something I wasn’t aware of, we sadly all know more or less how the fashion industry works. But the brutality of the footage and the overwhelming amount of informations blew my mind. I immediately went to my downsized closet, and realized that between some thrifted items, a big part of the other items are fast fashion ones. Purchased of course in a diluted amount of time, but still. Unfair working conditions, poor quality of the items, big impact on the environment. Although I have never been a shopaholic, during these years I kept increasing this cycle by continuing to purchase from fast fashion brands without thinking that I could have made a difference. Maybe small, but still a difference. Luckily for me I have fallen in love with thrifting a few years ago, and started to make some sustainable, second hand purchases as well. But I can’t help myself with thinking: what if I encouraged the fast fashion cycle less? Should I feel guilty because I have some sweatshop items in my closet, and I like them? Should I get rid of those all? I don’t think so, I would create even more textile waste all at once. Which brings me to the next point: environment.
I have always considered myself somebody who was actually paying attention to environment: trying to separate my waste, using only natural cleaning and body care products since 2 years, switching all the electronics off when not needed and stuff like that, to realize that, well, I am so far from being the eco friendly person that I would like to be. I am so absorbed in my everyday life, that I don’t even notice how much packagings I purchase, how much plastic or general waste I create everyday, how irresponsible I am when I don’t properly read ingredients lists on tags, how lazy I am becoming on that side.
Now I feel guilty every time I take something take-away with disposable containers. Now I feel guilty every time I forget my water bottle (again, made of stupid plastic) at home and I have to buy some water. Now I feel guilty when I wear those unethical clothes that I liked, still like and took good care of so I could still enjoy and wear them. I feel guilty when I forget to read the tags of the garment to know where was it made and what is it made of. I feel guilty when I go to buy some food and I forget to bring a reusable bag and have to take new bags to bring the items home.
But being minimalist is not at all about this. Being a minimalist means being a better person, taking care of what you already have and trying to focus on what really matters to become a better you. I can’t spend my time feeling guilty about mistakes that I have done and sometimes, stupidly, I still do. But I can for sure make some drastic changes in my habits and, from now on, being way more conscious about my everyday actions.
This is what minimalism means to me. And I want to get to point where I’ll be that person that I would like to be… and trust me, I will.


3 thoughts on “THE TRUE COST (OF LIVING)

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