30-day minimalism challenge: minimalist “detox” December to have a fresh start in 2016



Yep. 2015 is about to end.

This is usually the time of the year when people think of what they’ve done during the year, and more importantly, when they set their goals and intentions for the upcoming year.

I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed lately: changes, challenges, lots of work. And the sensation that it’s hard to keep everything under control: we’re all humans, and we have have those moments.

So I thought that this challenge could help me in being more focused, to unplug and literally detox before the end finishes and a new one starts.

This challenge is a combination of decluttering tasks and some more personal/intention related tasks. The tasks can be accomplished in no particular oder, but 1 task of the list should be done for each day of the month. And considering December has 31 days, I’ll figure out what to do in this extra day.



I’ll be happy to put myself to the test and see how it goes.

Updates about the challenge will be posted here as well as on my Instagram.

Probably I’ll post a final recap video on my channel.

Anyone is welcome to join me!! 🙂


Here’s a link to the into-mind.com blog that suggested this challenge:



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