Today I’m flying to Berlin via Copenhagen, so I guess I have time to think. I’ve chosen nr. 30 of the list: EVALUATE YOUR LAST 5 PURCHASES.


“Developing more ethical and less consumerist spending habits is key to living a simpler life. Today, assess your last five non-essential purchases. How useful did they turn out to be and how could you improve your purchasing decisions in the future?”


I feel a bit embarassed to admit that it took me quite a bit to put together a list with my 5 last purchases: for some reason I couldn’t remember them. Even though I am trying to be a much more conscious and responsible consumer, it’s crazy to see how sometimes I am so concentrated with too many things at a time, that I don’t pay enough attention to things I purchase.


  • Hand knitted scarf: I recently got rid of a couple of scarves that were very nice, but horrible quality because they were originally from fast fashion stores. I have been wanting a nice knitted infinity scarf for a really long time and I found a good option on Etsy. It wasn’t exactly as expected, but I really like it. Plus, I bought it from a lady that lives in the same town I live, so I even contributed to sustain the local economy.

Of the last 5 ourchases I’ve made, this was probably the most unnecessary, since I already have a winter scarf (I just wanted some variety in my capsule wardrobe).

  • Address tag for my luggage: the one I previously had was litterally falling apart, and because of some upcoming travels, I just bought one. Wasn’t probably that necessary either, I could have used those paper ones provided by the airline (although they don’t look that secure)
  • Gloves: I stupidly lost the ones I had (the only pair). I definitely have to pay more attention to my belongings. I obviously can’t go out without gloves in these days, and I went second hand. I’ve found one that fitted and I liked at the local flea market
  • Gift card for a natural cosmetics store (birthday present for a friend): I like giving presents to people. This doesn’t mean that I shop ‘till I drop and I buy loads of unneccessary stuff. I like buying things I know other people like/might like, need or both. Regardless on which time of the year it is, some people are especially nice to give presents to. A friend of mine is about to turn 30, which I consider a milestone. I’ve chosen a gift card for a natural-cosmetics store, and it was great to see how much she appreciated the gift!
  • BB cream + facial moisturizer: because I am going away for 1 month, I wanted to make sure that I had with me products that I use daily. Could probably not buy anything and fly with travel sizes, but it was the same thing since I would have to buy them atm y destination.


I think I’ll incorporate this assignment in my daily routine, since it can really help to improve the way I consume.


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