Today’s pick is the following: nr 15, EXAMINE YOUR DAILY HABITS

“Today, take a closer look at your everyday habits, from your morning routine to the way you work to your evening activities. Which habits could you improve, which should you drop, which new ones could you pick up?” I am analyzing a regular weekday when I work.

  • As soon as I wake up, I check my social media –> very bad habit, I have to drop it
  • I go in the bathroom as I make myself ready, I get dressed, I do my makeup –> this routine works good for me, I feel that I waste less time if I do like this and I feel a bit more productive
  • I have breakfast, most of the times something filling, healthy and tasty
  • If I have slept too much, I tend to do many things at the same time: checking social media, having breakfast and doing my makeup at the same time –> extremely bad habit!!
  • I go to work (at the moment I am in Berlin and I love that it takes me about 20 minutes of metro to get there, I can read and make myself mentally prepared for the day)
  • I work a lot usually, and most of the times I tend to complain a little bit too much about it –> I complain too much about everything, I should definitely take more care of myself and avoid to infuse myself every time with so much negativity
  • I eat, usually very quickly or whilst I am doing something else –> simple tasking is essential, I have to learn to enjoy food properly
  • I go home after work
  • I cook something
  • I never dedicate some proper time to reading or doing activities that are relaxing and de-stressing, but social media makes me feel less alone (the majority of time I watch Youtube videos, I have no tv and considering I live alone it keeps me entertained)
  • I call my boyfriend on Skype: I am in a long distance relationship, and finding the time to talk to tell each other how was our day is a good way to nourish our relationship
  • I dedicate time to my Youtube channel every day, either replying to comments or putting together ideas
  • I go too bed –> I am trying to switch social media at least half an hour before going to bed


It’s amazing how helpful is to write things down. In daily routine, it’s easy to take things for granted and not pay too much attention to habits.

I’ll keep on going with this one!!


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