Saturday morning. My favorite time of the week to get some stuff done.

I recently made a video on my Youtube channel about my resolutions for 2016, inspired by the 30-day minimalism challenge that I made on December 2015, as sort of “I want to be more focused” month, to close my year properly.

I decided to really commit this year, and not just say it for the first days of the year and then forget about them after the first week or so.

And I want to break down my goals more, make them much more possible to accomplish rather than think of something very generic that I could loose the point of.

Here are my resolutions:


  • drink more water (at least the 1,5 l recommended daily) and always make sure to have a water bottle with me
  • eat better and finally eliminate meat from my diet
  • lose at least 5 kg in the first 6 months or so of the year


  • eliminate distractions: notifications turned off on my phone, no social media for 1 hour after waking up and 1 hour before sleeping
  • practice more single tasking, especially in my morning routine
  • learn how to deal with stress and anxiety (no complaint, daily meditations)
  • be a more present girlfriend, friend, family member, co-worker


  • I haven’t mentioned this in the video I made, but I want to reach at least 10 book in the year (in 2015 I did only 5)


  • keep creating content that makes me happy to share and dedicate myself to. Possibly reach 1000K subscribers on my Youtube and do pictures and write for my blog. And more importantly, have fun with it. I finally found a hobby that makes me happy and keeps me focused and inspired in always creating something new.

I thought about making some 3 month/6 month updates also.



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