Winter is here. And this means for me a new season for my wardrobe, a new project 333.

I actually transitioned early than expected (beginning of December). Here’s the list of the exact 33 items I’ve chosen for the next 3 months:

  1. Black parka jacket – Lindex
  2. beige-brown snow jacket – unknown brand
  3. b&w knit poncho-cape – Primark (gift)
  4. red-navy blue open cardigan – H&M
  5. green oversized sweater – H&M
  6. grey fitted sweater – Combipel (gift)
  7. white sweatshirt – Abercrombie & Fitch (gift)
  8. black-grey turtleneck dress – thrifted
  9. little black dress – H&M
  10. plaid longsleeve  shirt – H&M
  11. denim shirt – Replay (gift)
  12. black polka dot blouse – Lindex
  13. black tunic top – thifted
  14. yellow longsleeve top – H&M
  15. grey striped longsleeve top – Armed Angels
  16. white tee – H&M conscious
  17. black tee – H&M conscious
  18. black oversized men’s tee – thrifted
  19. grey Harvard tee – Harvard store (gift)
  20. dark blue skinny jeans – Armed Angels
  21. black high-waisted skinnies – H&M
  22. black short skirt – H&M
  23. black-grey poncho-cape/scarf – Berlin market (gift)
  24. gradient knitted (infinity) scarf – Etsy
  25. blue-grey backpack – Fjallraven
  26. black tote/crossbody bag – Kipling
  27. Black skinny braided belt – unknown brand
  28. black leather belt – unknown brand
  29. black beanie – H&M
  30. black gloves – thrifted
  31. black vegan boots – NAE
  32. brown lace up boots – thrifted (Dr. Martens)
  33. black lace up boots – Dr. Martens


  1. Jenny – I love your winter capsule wardrobe! What a great idea to do videos.You live in a super cold region! I really enjoyed your style and will be following on Instagram. I haven’t done a 333 yet, but did edit with the KonMari Method this past year. I’m glad we’ve connected!


    1. Angela, thank you so much for the lovely comment!! 🙂 I am glad too that somehow we connected. Yes, I live in a super cold place, and that was my biggest concern before starting p333… but so far so good, I have nothing to complain about!! 🙂


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