One of my new year’s resolutions is dedicate more time and effort to my blog and YT. So I thought it could be nice to start sharing few capsule combo outfits.

I don’t have a full size mirror in the apartment I live in at the moment, so this is not the greatest picture. But still you get the general idea.

  • Black beanie to protect me from the frezzing cold outside (H&M)
  • Grey striped longsleeve, super softand made of modal (Armed Angels)
  • Dark green oversized sweater, probably my favorite one I own. Since it’s a 3/4 lenght sleeve, I like the layered look it gives with some long sleeve tops underneath (H&M)
  • My trusty black skinnies (H&M)
  • My black lace-up Dr Martens boots on my feet, to save me from the slippery ice and the freeze

I dediced that the comfy casual outfit could still look a bit more stylish and pu together by adding one necklace: a very old one but one of my faves (I don’t have too much jewelry anyway) with some stars made of recycled aluminum (local boutique in my hometown).


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