Yep, I’m back.

I know that I haven’t exactly been active on this blog for the past weeks, but sometimes, you know, life just gets in between. Lots of things happened: my hair got longer, I had my 2nd ‘expatriversary’ on April 7th, spring is hopefully approaching, my nightmare with papers seems to be over, my boyfriend and I are trying to get closer to zero waste, I’ve to been to Leipzig once and to Rome twice, I’ll probably start a german conversation course in a few weeks.

I simply didn’t want to feel the pressure of writing here and feel overwhelmed with everything I have to do: work, home, quality time with my babe, friends, youtube, everyday life. I wanted to take my life in a more chilled, relaxed way, doing what I wanted and could do whenever I wanted or could.

I don’t want to give up on this blog, at all. I just need to organize and dedicate some specific time to it during the week.

I hope you’ll continue stick around with me.


Soundtrack: Vanessa Paradis “Mi amor”


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