I used to enjoy those “What’s in my bag” videos years ago, I could watch them for hours just for the simple pleasure of looking at different styles of bags and at ideas to organize my bag, as well as eventual items I could purchase to keep in mine (such as products, pouches, notebooks etc.).

I mainly look minimalist, simple versions of these videos now, but I still enjoy the idea of knowing what other people consider essential enough to carry on their shoulders or in their hands everyday.

The bag I purchased it on Etsy, after doing some unproductive research in local shops or markets. It’s a faux leather vegan backpack with a small zippered pocket on one side. It matches my style just as a regular bag, but it’s super practical when it comes to face those everyday situations that a urban jungle might bring. Since moving abroad in 2014 I basically only used 2 bags: my Fjallraven blue backpack and my black tote/cross body bag by Kipling. I wanted to change things up a bit, and needed something that could suit multiple occasions or needs.

It’s vegan, it’s handmade (so I supported a local business) and it’s extreme good quality and very well made.

Here’s what I keep inside:

Front pocket:

  • iPhone 6s
  • house keys

Main compartment:

  • wallet –> bare essentials + a few extras: cash & coins, debit card, public transportation card, insurance card, ID. As an extra I keep a few visit cards I need, a photo of my grandpa and a slim, compact mirror
  • re-usable cotton tote: to avoid the purchase of any kind of plastic bag in stores and to be prepared as well for those unplanned grocery shoppings
  • notebook: to take notes on the go, whether if they are blog posts /video ideas, lists, appointments, thoughts etc… (I have the same one since 2012!)
  •  DIY pouch (made from an old thrifted t-shirt and some duct tape) that houses phone charger and headphones
  • miscellaneous pouch: pen/pencil, mints, tinted lip balm (the only lip product that I own!), tissues, biodegradable intimate wet wipes (not sure if I’ll keep repurchasing these one, ’cause I’m trying to reduce my waste)

As extra items I might occasionally carry:

  • stainless steel water bottle
  • stainless steel food container
  • iPad (I recently switched to e-books)

Everything fits perfectly inside, I can go wherever I want/need with all my essentials kept in one bag. My hands are free and my shoulders don’t get too tired because I carry the weight of my bag on both.

Hopefully soon I can add to the list sunglasses as a handbag essential! 🙂

Make sure to check my video out to have a chatty overview of the content of my bag, as well as a little intro about the bag itself, where I got it and how it’s made.

What’s essential enough for you to carry on your shoulders or in your hands everyday?


2 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN MY BAG?

  1. I love ‘what’s in my bag’ videos!! I had basically forgotten about this trend but I love it – thanks for showing us! Have you made a tutorial for that DIY insert pouch? It looks really useful


    1. Me too, I used to be obsessed with them years ago, and noticed that somehow this trend never goes out of style!
      Thank you April for watching and commenting! The DIY pouch is super old and haven’t got any tutorial for it, but I’ll consider doing another one in the future and post it here on my blog!
      Have a nice day!! 🙂

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