I really couldn’t imagine that choosing to live with less and to cut out the unnecessary could be so life changing. I was naive, and at the very beginning I thought it was just about downsizing the quantity of stuff I had and choosing less things but better ones. Nope. I was totally wrong. That is just the starting point.

Like getting ready to taste a cake and focusing only on the cake base. The fruit on top and the frosting gives the true flavor we are looking for (I guess I’m hungry right now because the only metaphor I can come up with right now involves a cake :p ).

In the long term, these are the 5 benefits I’ve noticed:

  • I am more capable to treasure the little things and the simple joys that everyday life offers;
  • I feel more motivated and confident to pursue my goals: I am more focused on what’s important, therefore I can be confident and motivated in putting my energies to reach those goals;
  • I live a healthier lifestyle, mentally and physically: I’ve eliminated meat from my diet, I try to incorporate walks in my schedule (and if the weather stays this lovely, running), I eat home cooked food with fresh ingredients. I meditate, single task and dedicate time to myself to keep my mind free and healthy as well. And all of this to show myself that I care about me!
  • I find easier to let things go, either when decluttering and when it comes to deal with those “bad day” feelings. I don’t feel attachment to keepsakes and trinkets anymore, and I can process better the bad feelings and transform them into energy to make things up or to find a better solution;
  • I can organize my schedule much better, knowing exactly how to prioritize. I don’t feel the stress to fit everything in, I know what to do first and what can wait a bit instead. And if I don’t manage to control everything, I don’t freak out. I never ever want to get to that point again!

Check out the video where I explain into detail the 5 points I mentioned!



Hope you’ve enjoyed this. Feel free to share your experience with me, you would make my day!

Have a nice weekend, xoxo.



  1. I agree entirely! After embracing this lifestyle I’ve found a significant change with myself but still am discovering more and more about minamilism … so fascinating😄😱!


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