I haven’t really being posting anything in a while… again. Sorry!!!!

What have I been up to lately? Actually lots.

Let’s go on with order.

First of all: I had the chance to meet Lauren Singer from ‘Trash is for tossers’!!!!

I can’t even start to describe how big of an inspiration this girl is. Blog post on this topic coming soon!! 😊

Then….let’s see. What else?

Ah, yeah.

I went back to school:

I started attending a course to practice my speaking and to make my german a bit more fluent when it comes to interact with people. It is quite tiring considering it’s after work from 18 to 21(only twice a week tough). But I am determined to get better and better with the language (I even started answering on the phone at work 😱)

I had the visit of some friends frommy ex home Estonia, and has been so much fun! We also had the first tastes of spring/summer, so I had the chance (finally!!!) to spend some time outdoors and enjoy the sun.

I went for the first time at Karneval der Kulturen

 And, of course, regular life in between. The most ordinary life in the most extraordinary city.

Berlin, I ❤️ u


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