This post should have come earlier than today but… if some of you on planet Earth has ever come across this blog, you probably know than being punctual is not really a thing for me. Please, bare with me ;D

A few weeks ago I had the chance to see a live talk, and then meet in person, the amazing woman that Lauren Singer is.

If you have been living under a rock, she is also known as the author of TRASH IS FOR TOSSERS, a blog that since years promotes Zero Waste Life.

I cannot describe in words how amazingly shocking it has been to meet her. And see how much a single person can do in terms of making people open their eyes and just affect everyone around with simple actions, that are just as powerful as a fist in your face. Or maybe not, I don’t like violence at all. Powerful as… whatever you like to imagine that is powerful. For me her actions are just as powerful as a declaration of independence! Yes, this is exactly what she made, is currently making and will continue to be, and in the meantime she is trying to spread the word trying to get even more people involved or interested in, or aware of zero wasting. She is totally independent from every single piece of trash that is destined to go to the landfill. She refuses, reduces, recycles and composts. And therefore nothing gets sent to the landfill.

PURE AWESOMESS. For those out there that believe that it’s not worth it putting so much effort in trying to save our planet, that are extremely convinced that one single person cannot do absolutely anything to make this planet a better place, well… I’m sorry, but you’re oh so wrong.
Have you ever heard of the word “inspiration”?

Inspire means:

Lauren has been quite of a big role model for me in these past few months. Her and the zero waste online community, which is teaching me so much in terms of reducing waste and being cautious in avoiding plastic and packages, and those few Youtubers that I truly enjoy to watch, not only zero waste related but also minimalism related. They push me to do better. Because by choosing to live intentionally and simply, I finally realized that we are indeed 100% responsible of our actions, and we can indeed act better, be better. Even if I have such a normal, regular, average life, I feel awesome because I know that I have another day in which I can do something good and effective, that will make me happy and hopefully will make a difference.

On the other hand though, sometimes I tend to transform this inspiration into comparison, and that’s where things get complicated. Comparing myself to Lauren, Courtney Carver (the author of Be more with less and creator of Project 333), Bea Johnson (author of “Zero Waste Home”), Light by Coco, My Green Closet, as well as some other Youtubers that I follow, is just making me feel… average. MEDIOCRE. Like I can’t make any difference with what I do. I wish I could be just as magnetic and engaging as they are but, you know what? I’m not. Seeing that subscriber count or that followers count has been quite addicting, and for some reason I wish I could be good as they are. In creating good content, in being an inspiration, in teaching something, in spreading the word and bringing to people’s attention certain topics. And when I look at myself and at others that do the same as I do (blogging + Youtube) I feel so mediocre. I am over-perfectionist, trying to do everything so well done, so flawless and to share only what I consider the best I can make, to the point where it doesn’t feel like I am doing it because I enjoy sharing something that makes me so happy and passionate like minimalism, simple intentional living and eco friendly lifestyle, but because I have to prove that I am good. And seeing that I cannot reach the same amount of audience that other people can reach in relatively short time, makes me feel mediocre. And like I don’t count anything.

I shouldn’t feel like this, I know. As long as even just one single person is finding what I share helpful, my heart will be filled with joy. It’s all about spreading the word and doing simple but yet effective things that can be noticed, like refusing a plastic bags at the store or drinking from my reusable bottle at work, or living with a limited amount of clothes for each season.

Lauren, if you will ever read this. Thank you. For making me interested in zero waste and for making me think that a small action can be huge. For being the awesome person you are and for helping the world to be less asleep when it comes to environmental issues. And yep, you’re funny too. To anyone I mentioned that gave me enough inspiration to change my lifestyle and to get out of my cozy shell and become a content creator…. well thank you too.

and thank you to anyone who didn’t fall asleep while reading this. 😉

I hope you will continue to stick around, here and on my Youtube.

I’ll see you soon,




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