This week’s highlight was an awesome free clothing swap event organized by Greenpeace Berlin: the aim was raising awareness around all the issues that the fast fashion industry creates, in terms of environment and human rights, trying to invite people to swap, buy second hand, mend and repair their clothes rather than buying something new and throwing the old ones away. Sun, music, lots of people, second hand clothes and an awesome free repair service for those clothes who needed a quick fix.

I’ve fixed my black skinny jeans for free and I have gladly gave away 5 pieces of clothing that I wasn’t using anymore to someone that for sure will appreciate them much more than I will, and I could find a couple of items I was actually on the hunt for. A free, eco-friendly and awesome way to update my wardrobe!

Here’s the lady while fixing my black skinnies (it’s the 2nd time already that I am fixing them during this spring capsule wardrobe: see how easy it is to extend the life of your garments? I gained a whole season or probably even more just by taking time to bring my jeans to get fixed instead of throwing them and buy immediately something new).


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