Minimalism, like many other major changes, cannot happen overnight. It does take time and practice. And, especially when getting started or when having those overwhelming moments during the journey, it’s important to get into the correct mindset. 

Here’s a few tips on how to get into/develop a minimalist mindset. 

– take adeep breath and don’t feel under pressure: especially decluttering can be very challenging and really put patience and nerves to the test. Stay focused on the real meaning of what you’re doing and do small, significant steps following your own time

– don’t count anything: knowing exactly how many items you own is it going to really effectively help you somehow? 

– do some games or challenges, or read some books to get more into the spirit and to learn some precious tips

– find some inspirational quotes or guidelines that will help you and keep you always motivated. 

Here are my personal 3 guidelines:

  1. The less you own, the less you need
  2. Buy less, choose well, make it last (V. Westwood)
  3. Be the best version of yourself: challenge yourself, enjoy your life to the fullest, live accordingly to your values, be conscious and aware.

Here’s the video I made on my Youtube channel just about this topic, make sure to  check it out!
As always take care and thanks for sticking around. 




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