Yep, even though the weather hasn’t exactly been the greatest in these past few days (at least here in Berlin, I hope you were luckier than me so far), I’ve wrapped up my spring capsule to make room for my summer one.

I wasn’t completely satisfied of my previous capsule: it was very hard for me to predict how the weather was going to be and putting together items that could be versatile. A few things didn’t work at all nor I used them that often. But I guess experience makes you wise, so the perfect capsule will come with the time. I made a few swaps in the past weeks (June offered some pretty hot and sweaty days ) and then from the beginning of this month I’ve been officially rocking my summer capsule. I have a grand total of 29 pieces, and I will probably add a couple of things if I’ll find something that satisfy my requirement (a well made cotton cardigan with buttons as a layering piece, and a maxi-dress/jumpsuit).

Here’s what I chose for this summer’s capsule:
1) black dolman tee – Pimkie
2) grey floral tee – Zara
3) grey striped longsleeve – thrifted
4) beige tee with white polka dots – H&M
5) striped butterfly top – thrifted
6) yello tank with buttons – thrifted
7) denim shirt – Replay (gift)
8) white top with black dots – thrifted
9) black tank – Pimkie
10) light blue/grey striped tee – Primark
11) white tee – H&M conscious
12) black blouse with white polka dots – Lindex
13) beige tank – Pimkie
14) mixed grey open cardigan – Primark
15) black lightweight cardigan – Camaieu
16) Levi’s denim jacket – thrifted
17) black tank dress – unknown brand (gift)
18) grey skinny jeans – thrifted
19) b/w paisley pants – no brand (shop in Tallinn)
20) black shorts – thrifted
21) black flared pants – thrifted
22) blue pants – thrifted
23) faux leather backpack – Etsy
24) black leather purse – thrifted
25) black sandals – Birkenstock
26) beige flats – Rieker
27) black sneakers – Dunlop
28) black belt – unknown brand
29) black braided skinny belt – unknown brand

Wanna quickly browse in my capsule? Check my Summer Capsule Wardrobe video:

What are your favorite pieces for this season? I’d love to know!

Hope you’re having a lovely summer!





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