Hi there, I’m back! 😊

What have I have been up to lately?

Well… The first 2 weeks of this month I haven’t been doing that much… Just working and trying to be zen enough until my holiday arrived. And then I finally flew to Mallorca for one week (and I sooooo needed a break!)

Whilst I was in Mallorca, something amazeballs happened (and yep, I was so happy about it that I made a screenshot of this):

I have reached 1000 Subs on my Youtube channel. Me. Never ever have I ever thought so many people could support me by liking &commenting my videos and by subscribing to my channel. I started in September 2015 as a shy person who just wanted to share her thoughts and ideas and I couldn’t expect at all that people could be so kind to me and could find what I was creating and sharing as something interesting, helpful and engaging. And never ever I could know that working on videos could be such a rewarding and satisfying ‘hobby’.

My mind is litterally blown and I wish I could personally hug each one of my new friends, the ones that have been there since the early beginning, the ones who just joined the community and the ones who unsubscribed too, because I am sure they would tell me something I can learn from.

When I started Youtube I didn’t tell to anyone I know because I was too shy and I thought that the content I was sharing wasn’t good enough. But during these months, I learned that I will keep on doing what I love no matter what people thinks (haters gonna hate anyway, right?). As long as what I do can be helpful, informative and entertaining for even just one person out there, I’ll be happy and I’ll keep doing it.

Thank you so so much. 😍




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