Yes, I know. I haven’t been that much around here lately.

After being quite involved in various things outside of my full time job, I felt like I needed a pick me up. These are the things I’ve been focusing myself on: slowing down, doing what I love with no pressure to do it all, and look at the beauty around me.

I am always trying to do my own part in being responsible and sustainable as much as I can. Whenever it’s possible, I’ll go zero waste. You have no ideA how much this makes me happy and excited!!!

I’ve been exploring my beloved Berlin a bit more, by going to a free tour at the Reichstag, by chilling in a couple of new parks, or by enjoying the famous Sunday’s karaoke.

I’ve been trying to slow down: I’ve applied for the ‘Busy boycott challenge’, enjoying more what the present has to offer and trying to be more focused on what I love and I have around me that I like rather than thinking about what I have on my to-do list


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