Going Zero Waste: DIY natural all purpose cleaner

By becoming a minimalist I have voluntarily decided to downsize my belongings to have a more simplified but intentional and conscious life. The point is being focused on what is really important to us, to eliminate distractions so we can be open and present for everything that really matters. 

For me this meant to be more careful to – and to have more time for – sustainable and eco-friendly living.

By growing up, I always got more and more interested in different ways in which I could be sustainable, but by pursuing a more minimalist lifestyle I noticed that I could do more about it.

The following recipe I am about to share is something I started doing a few years ago already, and now that I am more careful in producing less waste, I thought it was worth sharing to show people how quick, easy, inexpensive it is to make your own cleaning product that is also 100% environmentally friendly. Plus, if you compost, making this product is completely zero waste, if you don’t compost instead the amount of waste involved is really really low.

The recipe is not originally mine, so I don’t take the credit for it. I made my own modification though, because I’ve substituted the rubbing alcohol with drinking alcohol (non toxic and safer to use, but not less effective).

Recipe’s credit: http://www.naturalmentestefy.it/2013/09/28/detergente-allarancia/

This product can be used as a great alternative to those store bought all purpose cleaner: it works wonders, cleans very well and thanks to the ingredients contained can also disinfect, it smells really great and can be done with only 4 ingredients!!


The ingredients you will need to prepare 500 ml of product are:

  • 50 ml of vinegar
  • 50 ml of alcohol
  • 400 ml of warm water
  • orange peels (or any other citrus fruits peels that you have on hand)


  • put the orange peels into a large bowl
  • add firstly the alcohol and the vinegar
  • before adding water, press the peels using a wooden spoon making sure to squeeze as much juice and essential oil out of them as possible
  • after pressing them for a few seconds, add water
  • give the mixture a very good stir
  • leave the cleaner to rest for at least 24 hrs
  • use a strainer to strain the peels out of the liquid
  • transfer the liquid into a spray bottle for a more practical use

Let me know if you’ll give this recipe a try!! Go green and downsize your cleaning routine! Make sure to share this post and spread the word: being eco friendly and sustainable doesn’t require a lot of effort, time or money!

If you prefer, you can watch/share the video I made on my Youtube channel:


Thanks for reading!






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