1 Year of Project 333 + what’s NOT in my capsule wardrobe anymore

Yes yes, I know… you’re right. It’s almost 1 month that I last posted something on this blog, so it’s about time that I get back on track.

It’s October (can you believe it?) and this means that fall is here. Pumpkins, leaves of all different colors everywhere, cozy sweaters and blanket size scarves, warm drinks and wrapping up in our layers while taking a walk in the cold biting air.

For me the arrival of this October also means that I’ve completed a full year of Project 333. It has been an amazing year with capsule wardrobes, lots of things to discover and to learn.

Lessons I’ve learned from 1 full year of Project 333 capsule wardrobes:

  • the perfect capsule does NOT exist!
  • a c.w. makes it easier to define your style and to choose/combine pieces that go along with it
  • it’s impossible to predict the weather (therefore, no stress needed in planning the perfect capsule)
  • a limited number of clothes does not mean a limited number of outfits or options
  • having fewer but better pieces can really boost up our confidence
  • get organized with laundry and you’ll always have something to wear
  • a capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be 100% complete before the season starts, but adjustments can be made along the way
  • holding onto an item that does not suit our style, does not fit well or is nothing special to us is not going to change anything and to give us our money back

If you want to hear more into details, make sure to watch the video.

This blog post is also going to be about everything that during this year was included at least in one of my capsules, but for some reason didn’t last in my clothing collection (something broken, things I wasn’t happy about, things that didn’t fit etc…). In this way I can have a list of everything I got rid of during this year and maybe this will inspire you to do the same and keep track of things you got rid of (I find particularly helpful to look at “mistakes” to learn something about my style and be more careful in future purchases).

  1. black-grey striped t-shirt (thrifted): used it obsessively for 5 years and I got it second hand so… yes, it did its job! currently using it as a lounging-at-home piece, since it’s too worn out to be worn in public.
  2. yellow long sleeve shirt (h&m): fairly old, got worn out and couldn’t be fixed
  3. white oversized cocoon cardigan (thrifted): it went somehow out of shape and looked weird on me, donated
  4. black skater skirt (h&m): I found out that I’m not really into skirts, donated
  5. grey jeggins (h&m): I worn these A LOT, they wore out and couldn’t be fixed properly
  6. black maxi skirt: I found out that I’m not really into skirts, donated
  7. black hat (thrifted): even though I liked it a lot, I didn’t use it that much, donated
  8. b&w knit poncho-cape (Primark, gift): I had too much knitwear and wasn’t using this one that much, donated (at a clothing swap event, how cool is that? 🙂  )
  9. B&W zig zag tee (thrifted): what was I thinking when I got this? Most unflattering t-shirt ever! No, just no. Donated
  10. black maternity tee (thrifted): I wore it for a while and then got tired of it, donated
  11. denim maxi skirt (thrifted): I found out that I’m not really into skirts, I’ll sell this online
  12. army green jacket (Baton Rouge): quite old piece that doesn’t suit my style anymore, I’ll sell this online
  13. black scarf (italian market + DIY): quite old piece that doesn’t suit my style anymore, donated
  14. beige flats (Rieker): got worn out and it’s quite difficult to repair them… unsure if I’ll donate them (I don’t want to donate too worn or damaged items!!)
  15. black chelsea boots (LaSocki): I have too many boots for my needs, I haven’t been using these that much. I’ll sell them online
  16. black sneakers (Dunlop): they broke and cannot be fixed
  17. black lace up boots (Doctor Martens): I really like the way they look and how useful they are during the winter, and how they can make an outfit edgier… unfortunately, this particular model, despite the usage, still hasn’t broken in and this makes them quite uncomfortable, especially considering they are big and bulky… I’ll sell them online

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of these items, in case you’re interested you can check my previous capsule wardrobe videos here:

I’ll make sure to update this list as the capsules go by. And I know I say this all the time, I’ll try to be more consistent in posting here.




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