When I was younger, I definitely wasn’t a fan of autumn: autumn usually meant a) back to school; b) days getting shorter, colder and darker.

I don’t know what changed but… I LOVE autumn now. It’s just so beautiful. The lack of sun may be indeed challenging, but there’s a lot of autumnal rituals and sceneries that make everything brighter: pumpkins flavored cakes and lattes, colorful trees, a huge scarf wrapped around my neck, warm drinks in my hands while I’m reading a book. Fall fashion and styles are probably my favorite, I feel that my sense of style pops out more during this season.

New season means a new capsule wardrobe!! I keep on following Project 333, and this is the list of exactly 333 items for this season:

(Please note that all the fast-fashion items that I still have in my clothing collection were purchased before my decision to no longer contribute to fast fashion consumerism. I talk about this into depth in this video https://youtu.be/aQcVOVmQ0PQ and in this blog post
https://mylifeasjennytraeumerin.wordpress.com/2015/09/20/the-true-cost-of-living/ )

1) black t-shirt – H&M conscious
2) b/w striped oversized t-shirt – thrifted
3) Harvard t-shirt – Harvard store (gift)
4) white t-shirt – H&M conscious
5) striped longsleeve – Armed Angels
6) bordeaux longsleeve – Armed Angels
7) black tunic top – thrifted
8) plaid shirt – H&M
9) denim shirt – Replay (gift)
10) grey skinny jeans – thrifted
11) black skinny jeans – H&M
12 black leggings
13) green sweater – H&M
14) grey fitted sweater – Combipel (gift)
15) black kimono/cape – Say It Clothing Berlin
16) striped hoodie cardigan – second hand (Etsy)
17) grey dress – H&M
18) turtleneck dress – thrifted
19) black dress – H&M
20) Levi’s denim jacket – thrifted
21) faux leather jacket – Monton
22) black coat – Lindex
23) black vegan boots – Nae
24) brown lace-up DM boots – thrifted
25) black DM shoes – thrifted
26) black slip-ons – Toms
27) black beanie – H&M
28) black leather belt – unknown brand
29) black gloves – thrifted
30) white/grey turkish towel (scarf)
31) ombre cape/scarf – market in Berlin (gift)
32) blue backpack – Fjallräven
33) faux leather backpack – Etsy

Let me know what you think of it!

I wish you an awesome, colorful and cozy weekend!




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