Let’s face it: a simplified, streamlined life is a better one. Of course no life is perfect, but there are some things that we can make to create a life that suits us better.

Imagine a life that is aligned with your values, effortless, no distractions and no heavy thoughts that weight you down. You think this is impossible, right?

Well, trust me, it isn’t. Just make sure to follow your own rhythm during the process and to not rush things up. Here’s 9 simple ways in which you can achieve this:

  1. get rid of everything that you don’t need or like. It may seem obvious, but decluttering is an essential part of the process when you want to embrace a more minimal, simple life. Decluttering allows you to eliminate distractions, to no longer have around you things that you don’t like, use or need, that maybe you’re keeping because you’ve spent money on and feel bad about getting rid of.  –> important! do not start organizing your stuff BEFORE the decluttering process has been finished! Purge first and then start organizing the things you are left with.
  2. choose quality over quantity. Choosing a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t require a humongous budget. Instead of purchasing many things at a lower price but more often and of a lower quality (that need to be also replaced more often),  choose to invest in fewer but better quality pieces that will be long-lasting (think longterm!!)
  3. learn to say no. Prioritizing is important, to make sure that we reserve enough time for what we love doing and to maintain our mental clarity, but also because we should be able to do what we want to do and follow our heart, rather than doing things because we have to. This includes things to do as well as people we surround ourselves with
  4. Be mindful and practice mindfulness. Live this moment, right here right now, and experience it to the fullest because once it’s gone, it’s gone. Be aware of what’s going on around you, be focused. Instead of focusing on what is missing or not working in your life, stay focused on what is instead present in your life and works great. Be thankful for this.
  5. Disconnect. Internet is a great tool, but just because it’s always available in these days, anytime anywhere, this doesn’t mean that we have to be 24/7 connected. Taking some offline time is a great way to recharge our brain and energies, to keep it simple. Do we really need to be constantly online? No, we don’t, at least in my opinion. That’s why I like to stay disconnected for at least the first hour when I wake up in the morning and for the last hour of my day before I go to bed.
  6. stop telling/thinking how busy you are. I’ve learned how important this is and big of a difference this makes when I made the Busy Boycott Challenge by Courtney Carver, the owner of the Be More With Less blog and creator of Project 333. Keeping on repeating to ourselves and to those around us how “busy” we are, how many things we did already and how many yet to do, is it really going to help us in any way? Staying focused, slowing down, prioritizing and doing one thing at a time can make things easier, lighter.
  7. replace shopping with other activities. Cutting down on your shopping sprees is a great way to cut down on your belongings and to keep it simple. Go shopping only when needed and replace the emotional shopping with other things: hobbies, sports, friends… the possibilities are endless! Keeping on piling up stuff (and taking care of that stuff later on) requires more time, more space and more energies.
  8. create routines. In my opinion having a routine or a set of small routines to follow depending on the occasion doesn’t sound boring at all. Everything goes smoothly, without thinking to much about it.
  9. create a capsule wardrobe. Having a small collection of clothes that you know that you like, you look good in and you can easily mix and match to create plenty of outfit combinations is a life savior. No more time wasting when getting ready! If you’re not ready to brunch out with a capsule wardrobe, try to create smaller capsules (for work, for travel, etc.) to get familiar with it.

As always, I discuss a bit into depth these 9 points in the video I made on my Youtube channel:


I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in which ways you keep you life simple!




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