I have to be honest. When the weather cools down, I tend to become quite lazy, and there’s nothing more appealing to me, than spending time at home wrapped up in my blanket, with a warm drink and dedicating myself to my interests: reading, blogging and my Youtube. It relaxes me so much and makes me feel super productive at the same time.

I have a few interesting reads at the moment that I thought it could be good sharing with you to spread some good thoughts and inspiration out there.

The first weekend read is dedicated to those who live in Germany (or, apparently in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Luxemburg, where this magazine is also available… and of course it’s written in German). It’s called “Slow” and it’s a magazine about simple and natural living.

It’s the first time I ever come across this so I cannot truly make a review, but after browsing in the book shop for a while, looking for something to read, this caught my eye. There’s beautiful photos, seems very well curated and there’ articles about getting back in touch with nature and slow, sustainable fashion.

To get along with the title, there’s only 4 issues of it per year, one at the beginning of each season. Excited to read it.

The second read I have is definitely a more international option.

I’m already about halfway through Joy McCarthy’s “Joyous health” and I really like it. I started with the mindset that I wanted to read a chapter per week, so that I could keep up with the book and not procrastinate. Unfortunately, October was a month that was a bit fuller than planned, so I couldn’t read it as much as I wanted. If you haven’t heard of Joy before, she is a holistic nutritionist from Canada. The reason why I got this book is because I want to change my approach to food: I already eat a vegetarian diet, I eat fruits and vegetables regularly but I don’t eat exactly well, as I don’t know many of the properties that certain food offer and because of this I poorly (if not at all) incorporate them in my diet.

This book is amazingly curated, well written and with beautiful pictures that make you crave healthy delicious food.

Third read on my list is a short roman from a French writer, Annie Ernaux. The title in italian is “L’altra figlia”, the other daughter (“L’autre fille” is the original title).

A little girl discovers at the age of 10 that her parents had another daughter, who died 2 years before she was born. This book is basically a letter to the sister she never met. I received this book as a gift from my birthday and finally I can start reading it.

Finally it’s a blog that lately I have been enjoying more that ever since I’ve discovered it. Un-Fancy.


Caroline Joy has been blogging since 2014 her experience with a minimized closet, sharing her outfits as well as everything she has learned by having a small but curated closet.


Even though I’ve discovered it quite a while ago, lately I am all about Caroline’s posts. She has a very basic style, but very similar to mine and, although she is not into capsule wardrobes anymore, she is still working with a streamlined closet and rocking’ it. She is at the moment a huge source of inspiration for new outfit ideas or quality pieces that I could add to my clothing collection, since, as I mentioned previously, I am working with clothes that I had purchased from fast fashion brands before deciding to longer support it.

I’m not sure how much reading I’ll get this weekend done as I don’t want to spend the whole time indoors (there’s a new cafe I want to try and one of the best museums in town offers free entrance so… there’s plenty to do!) but I am covered for the next days. What are you reading at the moment? I’d love to know. Happy weekend!



(*this post is not sponsored)


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