AWESOME BERLIN: Café Pförtner 

I love Berlin. And that’s no secret.

It’s unconventional like any other place on earth. Quirky, fun, unpredictable.

That’s why I am thinking about starting a mini series here on my blog, sharing the places I love the most.

The first one is a recent discovery, which has immediately become a favorite. And you’ll see why in a second.

Café Pförtner in Berlin Wedding.

The main section of this cute little cafè in Wedding is an old bus. A few tables, unmatching chairs, colorful lightbulbs and the coziest of the atmospheres. It perfectly embodies the well spread philosophy in Berlin of upcycling or re-using pretty much anything.

The cafe itself is not very large, but it’s worth a visit since they change their menu every day.

Moreover, prices are fair, service is good and fast and everything I tried so far is delish! 😛

As I tend to feel a bit odd photographing my food before eating it (nothing to say about people who do it, I just think I can enjoy better my meal without capuring it and sharing it every single time, if it makes any sense), this is the only thing I managed to get a picture of:

pumpkin ginger soup. Well presented and  really good!

Definitely a place I cannot recommend enough, if you still haven’t been to or if you’re headed to Berlin anytime soon! 😍

I wish you all a wonderful weekend,



(This post is NOT sponsored. Any opinion shared is my true, honest one).


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