Yep. Not only it’s December already (I don’t know about you, but 2016 literally flew for me), but it’s almost Christmas 🎄. ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ as the song suggests, but it sadly can also be the most unsustainable and wasteful time of the year.

I am not religious nor I like the consumeristic craze that seems to symbolize this time of year, but I like Christmas time because it gives me the occasion to slow down and think about what I’ve done during the year and what can I look forward to on the next one; it’s all about gathering with our beloved ones and spending time together; it has an amazing atmosphere with its music, lights, homemade treats and cute markets.

I’m all about being a conscious consumer and being eco-friendly, so why not during this time of the year as well? 😊

Here’s some simple tips:

  • Prefer gatherings to gift giving. Instead of stressing yourself to buy some gifts, give yourself and to your beloved ones (either friends or family members) the gift of spending time together, especially considering that  nowadays we are all caught up in our lives and we always seem to lack on meeting with friends and family members regularly.
  • If you want to make some gifts, here’s a few ideas: DIY (the best gift you can give to someone because it’s special and handmade, whether it’s a jar full of freshly baked cookies or a pair of hand knitted socks, or whatever you feel like DIYing! 😊); experiences (concert tickets, a day at the spa, a wine tasting afternoon, a course… the possibilities are endless); gift cards (in this way the person can use that card to buy something he/she really likes or needs, no useless gifts onvolved!).
  • Reduce your gift wrapping to the bare minimum! Recycle old gift warppig paper that you got with gifts you received, use paper bags newspapers or magazines, and write your wishes directly on the paper to avoid thepurchase of greeting cards, or get creative and use some unconventional wrapping ‘paper’ (handkerchiefs, scrap fabrics, glass jars…).
  • Be a responsible consumer and don’t forget, if and when buying gifts, to support local brands and small businesses.
  • Use candles (soy wax based!! They’re 100% natural!) or LED lights to create some atmosphere in you house: they tend to consume less and to last longer.
  • Instead of running to the store and buying every year new ornaments, make your own decor using natural materials that won’t damage the environment (branches, fruits, natural twine, paper) because of its compostability, or upcycle materials you already have at home. Better fewer decor and ornaments but less polluting.
  • Don’t buy too much food and don’t waste it!! If you have some leftovers, give them to relatives or friends or to organizations that support people in need who can’t afford to have a hot meal every day.

I hope this inspires you to have a greener Christmas. If you want, check the video I shared on my Youtube channel:





    1. Yes, they’re a great option to create some cute atmosphere! If you can, I highly recommend the soy wax based ones, they burn slower than the regular ones and they are 100% natural. Thanks for reading and have a great Christmas! 🎄


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