It’s finally weekend! Oh Friday eve, I love you so much! Especially during this time of the year (if you work in retail as I do, you probably know what I mean 😱).

So the weekend is really my chance to recharge, relax, have fun and letting all the tensions of the working week go, as I get ready for another busy week to start.

Reading is something I try to do daily (I usually read on metro rides, and when our office will move on the other side of town at the beginning of the new year, I’ll definitely make way more reading!) and lounging with a good book tastes even better during the weekend.

‘The curated closet’ by Anuschka Rees is my first current pick. It has been all over the place since it came out, and I can fully understand why. If you’re expecting another guide on how to achieve the perfect wardrobe and which essentials everyone should have in order to have the greatest of styles, well you’re wrong. And if you’re expecting to find a ready solution to your style and wardrobe problems, you’re wrong too. This is a workbook: it means that, in order to understand and embrace our personal style, we firstly need to analyze it through notes, tasks and small exercises, various inspirations etc. It’s not about achieving the perfect wardrobe, but learning our personal style and how to express it to the fullest with our clothes, and becoming smarter as we put together our wardrobe. I’ve started reading it last week and I’m currently making the first task of the book, so I haven’t read that much but I already love it. Plus, layout and pictures are a gorgeous, fancy touch to the ensemble.

The other book I’m reading (while waiting for the 2 weeks of the first task of “The curated closet to be gone”) is Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic: creative living beyond fear”. I got curious about it a while ago while I was browsing the internet looking for some new reading inspiration. Basically, the universe has hidden some secret jewels within each one of us: being creative means trying to find out which jewels we were given. And learning how to deal with the fear that seems to hold our hand whenever we are creative is part of the process, to avoid that we just end up standing still.

Again, just started reading this, but it seems exactly the creative shock I need right now.

What are you currently reading? I’d love to know!

Have a very happy weekend,





      1. the first book is written by an Indonesian journalist named Desi Anwar about places she travel and person she met for interview. the second book is written by donald trump and robert kiyosaki, if you’re familiar with rich dad poor dad~ kind of book ^^

        what’s your favorite book, anyway?


      2. Okay, thanks for the small sneak peek in your current readings. I love reading, but it’a bit difficult for me to decide which one is my favorite book… I think I’d go with ‘the little prince’
        What’s yours? 😊


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