MY 2017 VISION BOARD: why I think resolutions don’t really work

Hello there, Long time no see.

I know I’m not the most consistent person when it comes to write on this blog. But every now and then here I am again, so I appreciate anyone sticking around.

This is the first post of 2017!!

Happy new year everyone! I hope you ‘slided’ well in the new year (that’s how they say here in Germany, I think it’s lovely).

I am pretty excited about this year. For the first time ever I got inspired to make my first ever vision board.

No resolutions this year. I made tons of them in the past: lose weight, be more active and less lazy, be open to new experiences, read more, be more confident, drink more water. And the list can go on and on. I’ve just accepted that they don’t work for me. I’ve also tried to set ‘possible’ goals and to break my intentions in mini goals, but I was still losing the ‘point’ of these goals and the motivation to achieve them as the months were passing by.

I feel that, when you’re setting big goals, the initial motivation is huge and then it decreases progressively as the time goes by. Without feeling too much pressure, but just simply having in front of our eyes what the final, wished result would be, can be a constant motivation instead without making things too set in stone.

This year I simply didn’t set any resolution. I just thought at what’s important for me in this moment of my life and I came up with the idea of making a vision board of it. In this way, I’ll have everyday in front of my eyes the things that are important to me, and make sure that whatever I do is going to go towards that direction. No strings attached, no strict goals. It’s up to me to live intentionally, without the risk of feeling miserable at the end of the year because I’ve set myself the goal and didn’t accomplish exactly what I wanted. 

When I was putting this vision board together, I’ve realized that there was a common point that could hold all of these different things together, and it kind of became my motto for this year: MAKE IT COUNT. Every single action, decision, choice, thing that I make, I want to make it count. I want everything to go into the directions that I’ve pictured in my vision board, and I would like this board to be a constant inspiration and reminder of what is really important or is going to be important for me this year.


Here’s what I’ve put into my vision board:

  • minimalism: the engine of my life right now. The word that changed everything since I’ve discovered it. ❤
  • natural living, eating clean, keep on acting sustainable and be kind to the planet
  • travel: Thailand, Amsterdam, Stockholm
  • keep on living with all my heart: do things I love with all my love, love my dears as much as I can
  • concerts and festivals
  • possible personal new challenges: learning how to sew and learning spanish
  • keep on trying to create a good quality capsule wardrobe and investing in pieces that are going to last years
  • reading (pic: books) and looking for inspiration everywhere (pic: colorful lightbulb), staying creative and keep on creating (pic: laptop + coffee and notebook)
  • staying active and walking, running, exercising etc.
  • camera: it’s time to invest in a good camera to keep on creating and possibly going back to my photography love

If you want to hear a new year’s chat, check out the video I made on my Youtube Channel:

What are you looking forward to in 2017? As always, if you want let me know!

All best and see you soon!




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