professional daydreamer and pizza eater. striving minimalism and simple living. expatriate. random photographer. blogger and youtuber. dispenses lots of chats and way too many laughters (well, tbh laughters are never too many). in love with all the small, joyful things. 




Hello there, I’m Jenny. You can call me Jen or Je, but someone in an extremely sick but lovely way came out a few years ago with “Jinfrignaque” as a nickname for me. This is me: an average non EU girl dealing with everyday crap and too much daydreaming. I speak italian, english, german, french and I can improvise some spanish. I love anything striped, lazy weekends and I can be quite obsessed with the TV series “Scrubs”.

I started this blog in April 2014 when I moved abroad. I have lived in Berlin, then in Tallinn and now I’m back in Berlin: this was meant to be my notebook AKA the story of my journey when I first started it, then it evolved as my experience abroad was going on.

Here you will find:

  • minimalism and simple living. Moving abroad allowed me to realize that less is more and to gradually turn myself to a minimalist approach to life. Even if it has been a longer journey, only in August 2015 I finally found the courage to start my own Youtube channel about all of this and more, and I would like this blog to be an integrative means to it.
  • photographs, taken either with my Fujifilm X10 camera or my iPhone 4S, and 6S since late December 2015 (I am by no means a pro, I just have the urge of capturing moments and details that are unusual and beautiful) about my life abroad, in Berlin and Tallinn

I’d like to take you on this trip with me. I hope you’ll stick around ❤

(This blog was entirely imported from Tumblr on the 25th October 2015)